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Gender and Equality towards Policy Enhancement: A Phenomenological Inquiry on the Stories of LGBTQIA+ Cohabiting Couples

Reyter Icom V. Ramos1, James Cedric G. Abaño2, Ryan Mark G. Manlapaz3, Ervic M. Rollorata4, Sel S. Ulzame5, Linagyn A. Gementiza, LPT6, Letty Q. Poliquit, DPA7,,,,,,
icomramos09@gmail.com1, jamesabano18@gmail.com2, rhayhassetgenteronezapalnam@gmail.com3, ervicrollorata@gmail.com4, jieselulzame17@gmail.com5, linagyn24.kcast@gmail.com6, lettypoliquit@gmail.com7
Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology Maniki, Kapalong, Philippines



This qualitative research, utilizing a phenomenological approach, delved into the experiences of 14 LGBTQIA+ cohabiting couples in Asuncion and Kapalong. The study aimed to uncover challenges, coping mechanisms, and insights regarding social acceptance, inspiring policymakers to create more LGBTQIA+-friendly policies. The findings highlighted difficulties in societal and familial acceptance, with couples facing issues like religious and moral conflicts, discrimination, exclusion, and social stigmatization. Coping strategies included accepting others’ perceptions, making adjustments, fostering communication, and holding onto love. The study showcased the resilience of these couples, providing a foundation for enhanced policies.

Keywords: LGBTQIA+, cohabiting couples, social acceptance, lived experiences

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