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Gender Representation In General Education (GE) Modules

Jeanie Marie A. Inog, James C. Royo., PhD,
jeaniemarieabudainog@gmail.com1, royojames07@gmail.com2
Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology
Maniki, Kapalong, Davao del Norte, Philippines



This qualitative discourse analysis and a corpus-based study analyzed the processes employed in embedding male and female characters in General Education (GE) Modules in the local college of Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences, and Technology. This study aimed to ascertain the processes of both opposite genders utilizing the Eight-Factor Procedure in Gender Discrimination as adapted from Amerian and Esmaili (2015). Results have shown that there was gender bias in text and images. Gender and linguistic bias were evident due to the repeated imbalance of representations in both opposite genders. With these findings, the researcher has seen the need for a more gender-inclusive curriculum that can raise consciousness and awareness in observing gender-fair language in designing educational materials to be used by teachers and learners in the new normal.

Keywords: discourse analysis, gender representation, qualitative study, Philippines

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