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Grit and Resiliency Basis for Crafting Intervention Program towards Academic Success

ROSEMARIE C. FARRO1, CANDIDA S. PUNLA2, LARIZ E. SALDAÑA3, 0000-0002-1094-00182, 0000-0002-1995-75613,, lesaldañ
Bataan Peninsula State University
Dinalupihan, Bataan, Philippines1-3




Education is one of the investments among the students to achieve success in life, thus, to achieve it, such learners must accept the responsibility and strive harder. The study explored the profile of the 234 first-year Bataan Peninsula State University-Dinalupihan Campus students in Academic Year 2021-2022, level of grit and resiliency, the difference in grit and resiliency according to the profile of the respondents, and the influence of grit and resiliency on academic as basis for an intervention program towards academic success. This study used a sequential-explanatory design, where the quantitative results were collected from a survey questionnaire and qualitative results composed of open-ended questions to further explain the findings. Frequency count, percentage, arithmetic mean, independent t-test, One-Way Analysis of Variance (One-Way ANOVA), Multiple Linear Regression, and MAXQDA were used as statistical treatmentFindings revealed that most of the respondents are female from Bachelor of Elementary Education with below Php5,000 socioeconomic status, somewhat gritty, and academically resilient. To be gritty and resilient, respondents tend to be hardworking, goal-oriented, optimistic, plan ahead, persistent, and self-motivated. Furthermore, there is a significant difference among the programs in terms of negative affect and emotional response under resiliency, and grit and resiliency are significant predictors of academic success. These findings were used to design an intervention program towards academic success among first-year students.

Keywords: Grit, Performance, Programs, Resilience

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