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Hybridization of Learning Management Systems in Tertiary Schools

Collin C. Ceneciro1, Jason V. Chavez2
Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University Zamboanga City, Philippines





This study focuses on mapping out the various features integrated into the LMS utilized by the different colleges of Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University (ZPPSU). The identified features – currently, commonly used, and recommended features have become the basis for the customization of a more tailor-fit and more responsive learning management system suited to the needs of the end-users. This quantitative research used purposive sampling of 289 students and 42 teachers at Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University who utilized online learning management system in their classes during the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2020-2021. An expert-validated three-part survey questionnaire was administered to the respondents. In analyzing the data gathered, t-Test, One-way ANOVA, and percentage preference ranking were used. Findings revealed that the different colleges of the university primarily utilize online LMS platforms for course administration, content dissemination, and course requirements submission.

Keywords: online learning, Learning Management System, LMS features

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