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Ijuanderer: An Augmented Reality-Based Gamified Local Tourism and Cultural Heritage Promotion and Preservation

Bautista, Joel T. Bautista1, Anthony James H. Vizmanos2, Razel A. Sta Maria3, Jonathan T. Mercado, Jr.4
Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Science High School Office of the Executive Director, Philippines




iJuanderer AR: An Augmented Reality-based Gamified Local Tourism and Cultural Heritage Promotion and Preservation aims to add museum setups using augmented reality (AR) technology, and improves visitor experience and remote visiting of museums through a companion website. Its first phase, or exploratory phase features Tarlac and its provincial museum and showcases tourism information for dining, accommodation, heritage sites, and natural spots. The museum, “Diwa ng Tarlac” translated in English as “Essence of Tarlac” was chosen as the host of the scanned artifacts and as the location for the testing for external user acceptance (external UAT). The acceptance test scores were measured using a Likert-type scale and the average score for all screens is 4.23. Thus, to address the comments gathered from the UAT in Diwa ng Tarlac, systems improvement was done and implemented for the final roll-out of the iJuanderer application.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Tourism, 3D Scanning, Cultural Heritage Promotion and Preservation

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