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Impact of Large Class Size on Teachers’ Emotional and Physical Conditions

Dr. Marites D. Manlongat1, Dr. Arlene D. Castor2, Rosana B. De Chavez3Regie D. Abila4, Irish S. Festijo5, Trixie F. Fajilan6, Joseph E. Zuela7
Westmead International School
Batangas City, Philippines





Large class size is foreseen to be one of the concerns in different countries including the Philippines. As such, to give solutions in a growing school population, the Department of Education has coped with these shortages by allowing the large class sizes in some areas in the country. It is found that it gives difficulties to students and to teachers. This study aimed to determine the impact of large class size on teachers’ emotional and physical conditions and if there are significant relationships between the common teaching strategies (classroom management & discipline and instructional materials) and to teacher’s emotional and physical conditions. It also sought to find if there is a significant difference in the strategies used by the primary and intermediate teachers in handling large class sizes. The subjects of the study are the primary and intermediate public-school teachers in chosen schools of Batangas Province. The finding showed that the teacher-respondents’ emotional and physical conditions are sometimes affected by the large class sizes. Statistically, there are significant relationships between the common strategies used by the teachers in handling large class sizes to their physical and emotional conditions, that explains why the subjects of this study are not that totally affected by large class sizes while teaching. More so, the findings also revealed that there is no significant difference on the strategies used by the primary and intermediate teachers.

Keywords: large class size, strategies, emotional condition, physical condition, classroom management, instructional materials, discipline

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