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In Constant Search for Affection: Untold Narratives of Juvenile Delinquents or “SUKARAP” in Davao Region

Mary Ann Ronith P. Libago, MAED1, Jobell B. Jajalla, LPT, MAED2, James C. Royo, PhD3,,,, royojames07@gmail.com3
Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology Maniki, Kapalong, Philippines



“Sukarap,” derived from “stagger,” reflects uncontrolled movements while walking. This qualitative-phenomenological study focuses on the challenges faced by Sukarap members in the Davao Region. Examining their involvement, reasons, challenges, and coping mechanisms, the research engaged 14 Sukarap members through interviews and discussions. Participants revealed experiences of painful initiation, exposure to vices, street riots, and life-threatening situations. Coping strategies included diversion, peer support, and ignoring challenges. Insights from Sukarap members highlighted belongingness, learning, and opportunities for change. In conclusion, the study emphasizes the importance of education and affection in nurturing the optimal development of delinquent juveniles seeking attention and affection outside their families.

Keywords: gang, gangsterism, plight, Sukarap, stories to tell

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