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Industry Employability ICT Skills Vis-À-Vis ICT Skills of the Information and Communication Technology Program of Senior High Curriculum

Arvin V. Duhaylungsod
Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University
R.T. Lim Blvd., Baliwasan, Zamboanga City, Philippines





This research was conducted to determine whether the skills and competencies of the ICT strand’s Senior High School Curriculum match the ICT skills needed by the various industries in Zamboanga City for employability. The findings serve as a source of information for other senior high schools in the Philippines from different regions. In this analysis, a Descriptive Quantitative method of research was adopted. The results showed that the respondents highly needed (Computer Systems Servicing NC II), (Computer Programming .net Technology NC III) and (Broadband Installation Fixed Wireless Systems NC II) in terms of the industry’s required ICT skills. In addition, management in both industry and academia needs an advanced and competent level of competence, as shown in their average response to an entry-level role in both common and core competencies (Computer System Servicing NC II). The T-test result also showed that there is no substantial difference in the level of competence of the Senior High School Curriculum’s Computer System Servicing as required for an entry-level role in the IT Department, indicating that the program provided by the Zamboanga City Senior High School agrees with what the industry needs.

Keywords: ICT Competencies, Employability ICT Skills, Senior High Graduates, Senior High Curriculum

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