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Influence of Engagement on the Performance of Company Employees in Cavite, Philippines

JAYSI T. CORPUZ, LPT, MBA1, MARIA CRISTINA L. DESEPIDA, MBA2, CARMELA V. LAUREANO3, RICALYN T. MORALEDA 4, ELOUISE DIANNE R. SUPERIORIDAD5,,,,,, laureano.carmela@gmail.com3, ricalynmoraleda6975@gmail.com4, rectodianne.dr@gmail.com5
College of Economics, Management and Development Studies
Cavite State University, Don Severino Delas Alas Campus, Indang, Cavite, Philippines1-2
Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Cavite, Philippines3,
KJCM Maritime Corporation, Makati, Philippines4
W Bridges Manpower Corporation, Cavite, Philippines5



Employee is considered one of the most important stakeholders in an organization. Hence, their performance should always be in accordance with the company’s goals and objectives. Nevertheless, in meeting all these expectations, employees’ engagement towards their work should also be considered. Keeping employees’ high engagement will uphold faithfulness and maintain a productive work environment. Therefore, the main objective of this research was to evaluate the level of employee engagement and its effect on their performance, specifically the sales associates working in the province of Cavite, Philippines. A total of 153 participants were selected using Slovin’s formula. Researchers used descriptive, comparative, and causal research designs in the analysis of the gathered data. In comparing employee engagement and performance across socio-demographic profiles, it was found that only sex was found to have a significant difference. Lastly, when simple linear regression was used, it was found that a socio-demographic profile in terms of sex is also a determinant for the employees’ engagement in their work. However, it was found that employee engagement is highly significant in the productivity of sales associates in Cavite, Philippines. Hence, it implies that employers should value their employees for them to be highly engaged in their jobs, which will in turn provide more profit for the company.

Keywords: Quantitative Research, Company Employees, Employee Engagement, Employee Performance, and Sales associates

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