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Influence of Industry Experts’ Technical Assistance to the Students’ Job Satisfaction and Performance in Work Immersion on the Senior High Schools in Zamboanga City: A Quantitative Analysis

Marvin B. Manayan, LPT, MATVE
Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University
R.T. Lim Boulevard, Baliwasan, Zamboanga City, Philippines





This study aimed to determine the significant influence between the industry experts’ technical assistance to the students’ job performance. It explored to find out the significant relationship between the technical assistance and students’ job satisfaction which this study utilized quantitative research design through correlational method. Furthermore, probability sampling technique through simple random sampling was used for the selection of 187 Senior High school students to share their responses regarding on the technical assistance rendered by their industry experts. Those number of students were evaluated by their work immersion teachers regarding on the students’ job satisfaction and performance during their work immersion training for the academic year 2019-2020. Findings revealed that, there is no significant influence between the technical assistance rendered to the students’ job satisfaction, and, no significant relationship between the technical assistance to the students’ performance. Further, students are independent enough to render their working progression to maintain their job performance and satisfaction despite of industry experts successfully rendered their technical assistance. The Industry Immersion Administrators have to strengthen communication with industry partners in order to figure out the current trends regarding on industry demands, and prepare the students to equip the necessary knowledge, skills and competence that suits to the expectations of the industry.

Keywords: Industry Experts, Technical Assistance, Job Satisfaction, Performance, Work Immersion

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