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Influence of Sustainable Management Practices, Strategic Orientation and Organizational Culture on stainability
Performance in Manufacturing Firms

Vergil Joseph I. Literal
University of Southern Mindanao
Kabacan, Cotabato, Philippines





The way businesses operate for the past years have changed drastically. Organizations have been increasingly acknowledging their role in fostering commitment to sustainability. It is an emerging trend in the current business environment wherein a number of dynamic companies welcomes the idea of thinking strategically and regard sustainability as a catalyst for new business models with the goal of coming up with a more systematic perspective in coping with sustainability issues. In line with corporate sustainability, this study looked into the influence of three independent variables namely, sustainable management practices, strategic orientation and organizational culture on sustainability performance. Quantitative research design was utilized and multiple regression analysis was employed to determine the combined influence of the predictor variables on sustainability performance. For the purpose of data collection, a survey questionnaire was administered among manufacturing firms operating in Region XII, Philippines to 417 regular employees performing key functions. Results showed that the combination of sustainable management practices, strategic orientation and organizational culture exhibited significant influence on sustainability performance of manufacturing firms. Out of the three independent variables, the best predictor that significantly contributed to the variations of sustainability performance is sustainable management practices followed by strategic orientation and then organizational culture.

Keywords: business administration, sustainability performance, multiple regression analysis, manufacturing firms, Philippines

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