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Information Education Campaign for Ecological Solid Waste Management

JIeian Mard M. Loseñara
College of Arts and Sciences, Cebu Technological University
Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines





Waste is an unavoidable by product of human activities. Economic development, urbanization and improving living standards in cities have led to an increase in the quantity and complexity of generated wastes. There is a growing need to evaluate whether lessons learned in the classroom are practiced at home. In connection, ecological waste management should be integrated in educational instruction. With that, the researcher determined the level of ecological waste management practices among Second Year Bachelor of Elementary Education(BSED) students of the Cebu Technological University – Tuburan Campus during Summer class of Academic Year 2016 – 2017, and its relationship with their performance in Ecology subject. To achieve the purpose of this investigation, the researcher utilized a quantitative, non-experimental approach specifically the descriptive – correlational survey method with adapted questionnaire; the weighted mean was utilized to assess the ecological solid waste management while Chi Square Test was used to test the association between the performance of the respondents and their practices on solid waste management. Findings revealed that the respondents “sometimes” performed what they have learned. Results showed that there is a highly significant association between the performance of students and their ecological solid waste management practices. Ten (10) least performed practices were identified and became the basis for creating IEC materials. The study concluded that the higher the students’ grades in the Ecology subject, the more likely they will practice what they have learned. Information Education Campaign materials are, therefore recommended to further improve their level of practices.

Keywords: environment, ecological solid waste management, practices, Information Education Campaign

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