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Instructional Decision Involvement of Teaching Personnel as Basis for Strengthened School Improvement Commitment

Ruel B. De Castro
Talumpok Proper Elementary School
Batangas City, Philippines





This study aimed to determine the instructional decision-involvement of the teaching personnel of elementary school in District I. Along the course of the study, this tried to cover how respondents assessed the instructional leadership of the elementary teachers relative to sustaining the school vision, sharing leadership, and monitoring curriculum and instruction. This also looked into the level of the teachers’ instructional decision-involvement or regard to school improvement plan such as access, quality, and governance. Likewise, this also considered problems encountered by teachers in their instructional decision-involvement. A researcher-constructed questionnaire served as the main instrument to gather the needed information from the 50 teacher-respondents. Weighted mean was the statistical tool used to determine the instructional decision-involvement of the respondents. Results revealed then that majority of the teachers’ instructional leadership on regard to sustaining the school vision exceeded standards while sharing leadership and monitoring curriculum and instruction just met the standards. Also shown in the study that the level of teachers’ instructional decision -involvement on regard to access, quality, and governance were somewhat manifested while working together in the decision-making process as a problem was to some extent experienced. The proposed school-based management strategies are then recommended for further validation prior to its implementation.

Keyword: instructional decision-involvement; instructional leadership; school improvement plan

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