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Instructional Supervision and Engagement in Improving Work Satisfaction and Performance in a Distance Learning Environment

Cristina C. Gaviño
Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Laguna, Philippines
Dolores Central School Annex Bungoy, Dolores, Quezon





This study aimed to identify the instructional supervision and engagement of school executives that improves work satisfaction and performance of elementary teachers in a distance learning environment. It was participated by one hundred thirty (130) elementary teaching personnel of Dolores District, Division of Quezon in the school year 2020- 2021. Using a descriptive method of research, the relationship among the input and output variables was assessed from a group or population, accuracy and reliability develop into imperative result. Findings revealed that between instructional supervision: direct assistance, group collaboration, human resource management, curriculum enhancement and learning opportunities and its relation to work satisfaction of teacher’s sub-variables are directly related in commitment, responsibility, achievement, recognition, and advancement and growth. Instructional supervision to teacher’s performance has a very good performance to content, knowledge, and pedagogy, learning environment and diversity of learners, curriculum and planning, assessment and reporting, community linkages and professional engagement, and professional growth and professional development. Furthermore, instructional engagement in the work satisfaction and performance of teacher’s sub-variables are directly related to work satisfaction and performance of teachers. This implies that the school executives of Dolores District have a good performance in their instructional supervision and engagement, thus, it helped to improve teacher’s work satisfaction and performance.

Keywords: instructional supervision, instructional engagement, work satisfaction, and teacher’s performance.

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