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Integrating Arts-Based Activities in Teaching Biology

Hermosa National High School Culis Hermosa Bataan, Philippines1
Bataan Peninsula State University Balanga Campus, Philippines2



Art and Science are two important aspects of human existence. Science focuses on facts and knowledge on the physical world, while Art plays a vital role in interpreting facts and knowledge to something that can be appreciated. Biology as part of this Science is generally taught with a solid dedication to its disciplinary strength having its own core elements and definitive border. This mixed method study applied a sequential explanatory method to two groups, Art-Based-Activity Group (ABAG) and Non-Art-Based-Activity Group (NABAG). The quantitative data includes the pre-test and post-test results of both ABAG and NABAG in the identified three least mastered topics in Genetics. The collected data suggested that the ABAG has significantly higher scores during the post-test compared to the other group. The content of the artworks showed that art activities helped the students understand difficult lessons more clearly as opposed with traditional methods of teaching critical contents in Biology. Incorporating Art in the delivery of instructions marks a milestone and sets the pursuit to a quality and enjoyable teaching-learning process and experience.

Keywords: Chemistry Arts; Chemistry Teaching; Fun Chemistry; Content Analysis

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