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Investigating the Learning Action Cell (LAC) Experiences of Science Teachers in Secondary Schools: A Multiple Case Study

Mark Gil A. Vega
Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines
Visayas State University, Baybay, Leyte, Philippines





he Department of Education (DepEd) has implemented a policy on the Learning Action Cell (LAC) as a Professional Development Strategy for teachers. This policy helps the teacher to collaborate and solve shared challenges in the school. The principal objectives of this study were to investigate the benefits, challenges, and means of implementation of Learning Action Cell of Science teachers in Secondary Schools of DepEd in the National Capital Region. The study used qualitative, multiple case study design employing survey questionnaires, individual interviews, focus group discussions and LAC observations There were five individual interviews, six focus groups, four actual LAC observations, with approximately 59 participants conducted in this case study. The findings revealed that the implementation of LAC concerning the scheduling of sessions is different and inconsistent with other schools. In addition, there is no tool for evaluating the LAC session, no success indicator applied in the school and no LAC model to follow in implementing LAC. There are four themes that emerged in the benefits experienced by science teachers, which include: Better Working Environment, Develop Good Relationship, Professional Growth, Content and Pedagogical Knowledge. The participants in this study identified a number of challenges. They were divided into six themes: Scheduling, Disruption of Classes, Teachers’ Availability, LAC Activities, LAC Framework, and Funding. Furthermore, the principal results of the study showed that the implementation of LAC has an impact on teaching science but still, the participants recommended strengthening the LAC through creating a LAC model and development of LAC evaluation to monitor the status of LAC in each school properly.

Keywords: Learning Action Cell, Science Teachers, Secondary Schools, Qualitative research, Multiple Case Study, Philippines

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