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K- 12 Teachers’ Needs and Challenges in Times of Pandemic: A Basis for Instructional Materials Development

ROME B. MORALISTA, Ph.D1, ROGER B. RUEDA, Ph.D2, JOEDAR P. SATOJITO, Ed.D.3, ANELYN A. JANABAN, D.M.4, HELEN R. VILBAR, Ph.D.5, 0000-0001-5709-82382,,,,
Guimaras State University




Teachers in the Philippines have closed shifted to online learning, have more needs in teaching, and face several obstacles as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. The goal of this descriptive correlational research is to identify teachers’ needs and challenges during this pandemic. According to the findings, a teacher’s priority needs during a pandemic were books as teaching and learning resources to integrate content into my instruction; video gadgets for learners to practice; and audio-learning instructional materials. In times of pandemic, the most difficult challenges for K-12 teachers were improving learning outcomes, adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols, and inspiring learners to be more self-directed. Finally, there was a strong link between teachers’ needs and challenges during pandemics. This demonstrates that when the needs were high, so were the challenges. It is suggested that DepEd officials and school principals prepare for future emergencies by developing clear emergency plans and fitting online mechanisms and training into current face-to-face classes and teacher professional growth.

Keywords: K-12 teachers’, needs, challenges, and pandemic

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