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Lesson Study as Graduate School Students’ Output in Foundation of Mathematics during Innovative Class

Deo James B. Roxas
Institute of Graduate Studies
Marikina Polytechnic College, Marikina City, Philippines



Graduate school in Marikina Polytechnic College has transformed its mode of teaching from face-to-face to online setup and is classified by the college as an innovative class. Thus, an appropriate learning assessment should be conducted throughout the innovative class. Lesson study was chosen to be one of the outputs in Foundation of Mathematics for MAT-Math graduate school students (also professional teachers who continued their studies) as a learning assessment. This proceeds to the objective of this study, which is to determine the personal learning of graduate school students and their teaching and learning as professional teachers after doing lesson study. The method used in this research is social impact assessment. Reflections of graduate school students on the conducted series of lesson study was collected and analyzed through a thematic approach. Furthermore, this study shows that graduate school students learning after conducting lesson studies are valued in collaboration, openness to continuous improvement, technological and pedagogical knowledge enrichment, and writing scholarly works. Also, this study discusses the impact of lesson study to graduate school students’ teaching and learning: plan-teach-reflect cycle implementation, teaching creatively and innovatively, focus on students’ learning, current issues awareness in teaching and learning, and pedagogical confidence. Consequently, it is suggested to use the lesson study as a learning assessment for graduate school students since, it is also considered as continuing professional development for teachers.

Keywords: Lesson Study, Graduate School Students, Social Impact Assessment, Philippines

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