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Level of Professional Standards in Learning Delivery:Accounting to the Professional Commitment and Teaching Competence of Secondary School Teachers

Jean Rose B. Rabano1, Eden C. Callo, Ed.D.2
1SDO, Tayabas City, Department of Education
2Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City Campus, Philippines




This study investigates on the teachers’ Professional Standards in Learning Delivery, accounting for professional commitment and professional accountability of 890 secondary school teachers in District 4 of Division of Quezon, which was determined through a stratified random sampling. A researcher-made survey questionnaire was used to gather data and was analyzed using the Regression analysis to test the hypothesis. Results disclosed that their level of professional standards is perceived as highly proficient in content knowledge and pedagogy, learning environment and diversity of learners, curriculum and planning, and assessment and reporting. Additionally, their professional accountability for teaching competence is perceived as very satisfactory regarding decision-making and professional judgment, instruction, and opportunities to learn. In contrast, research and experience were perceived to be satisfactory, which can be a basis for further investigations. Consequently, the study’s results that professional standards significantly affect the teachers’ professional commitment and teaching competence.

Keywords: professional standards, professional commitment, teaching competence

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