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Lived Experiences of Teachers, Parents, and Learners in Science Amidst Pandemic

Bon Eric Arceo Besonia, Ed.D.1, Lyka Francisco Magnate 2
Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College, Estancia, Iloilo, Philippines1
Gabi Elementary School, Carles, Iloilo, Philippines2




COVID-19 pandemic has affected the educational system worldwide. Policies were created and implemented to guide the schools to offer flexible learning. Nevertheless, its implementation was partly in favor of those on the mainland. So, the author explored the lived experiences of teachers, parents, and learners in Science about their problems encountered, coping mechanisms, and perception of the learning modality in an island school. With this, an in-depth interview was employed to gather the data and was triangulated through observation and focus group discussion. Thematic analysis revealed that the complexity of the topics, the conduct of experiments and its materialization, and the unreliability scores of the learners were Science teachers’ problems; their coping mechanisms were teacher-parent communication, additional learning resources, and house-to-house visitation; their perceptions disclosed that the learning modality is difficult. Participants’ perception of the modular approach is attributed to their problems and coping mechanisms. Hence, the Department of Education may provide professional opportunities such as seminars, workshops, and training to enhance the skills of the teachers needed and relevant to the current setting of education.

Keywords: Lived Experiences, Coping Mechanism, Problems Encountered, Perception

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