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Local and Provincial Development in Guimaras: Smart Practices and Good Governance

Rome B. Moralista, Ph.D1, Roger B. Rueda, Ph.D2, Erly M. Martir, Ph.D3,
Tommy M. Artajo, Ph.D4, Helen R. Vilbar, Ph.D5
Guimaras State University
Philippines, ASEAN


This correlational-descriptive study established the level of local and provincial economic development in Guimaras, as well as the relationship between local and provincial economic growth. It was fused with a segmented quiz on local and provincial economic development. More so, SPSS was used to interpret the data collected. Findings revealed that the island’s local development was “Highly developed” while the island’s provincial economic development was “Highly developed”. As the local economy continues to grow, the provincial economy has the potential to expand. Thus, the local and provincial communities may collaborate in advancing Guimaras Island’s economic growth. The Local Government Unit may inspire economic development in both areas to be advantageous mutually.

Keywords: Local Economic Development, Provincial Economic Development, Smart Practices, and Good Governance

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