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Local Green Marketing Business Environmental Regulatory Framework for Bataan MSME Food Processing: Consultative Development Process

Adona A. Tuazon -Dela Rosa
Bataan Peninsula State University
Bataan, Philippines



The overarching goal of this exploratory sequential mixed methods design is to evaluate the environmental practices of specific small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Bataan, Philippines, with a focus on green marketing aspects such as raw material usage, energy consumption, water conservation, waste management, air emissions, and wastewater treatment. Additionally, the study investigates the degree of public involvement in formulating regulations related to green marketing. Respondents, comprising business owners and local government officials, were chosen through a two-step cluster sampling method for quantitative analysis and purposeful sampling for qualitative insights. More so, it revealed a consistent implementation of environmentally friendly practices and green marketing management among SMEs. Interviews with business owners and local government officials yielded positive responses regarding the development of local green marketing policies, particularly for businesses in the food processing sector. Through the analysis and interpretation of collected data, the study provided valuable insights guiding the formulation of a regulatory framework for green marketing.

Keywords: green marketing, environmental performance, environmental management, food processing, micro small medium enterprises, eco-labeling policy.

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