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Maintenance, Improvement, and Supervision of Annex Campuses: An Evaluative Study

Rome B. Moralista, Ph.D1, Roger B. Rueda, Ph.D2, Erly M. Martir, Ph.D3
Tommy M. Artajo, Ph.D4, Ronilo G. Berondo, Ed.D5, Helen R. Vilbar, Ph.D6
Guimaras State University
Philippines, ASEAN


To evaluate the maintenance, improvement, and oversight of the school enable to better meet its educational needs. A descriptive-evaluative study was conducted with a focus on the level and relationship of maintenance, improvement, and supervising activities of top-level management of annex campuses. There were 21 non-faculty employees working at Guimaras State College who served as respondents. Findings revealed that most respondents strongly agreed on the degree of management responsible for school maintenance. It is always highly satisfactory in terms of improvement and supervision. However, maintenance has a negative correlation with improvement, but a large positive correlation with the level of supervision. Lastly, improvement is strongly correlated with supervision.

Keywords: Maintenance, Improvement, and Supervision

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