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Making Math Fun and Engaging via the use of Modern Technology: Capacity Building for Mathematics Teachers

Alma T. Gurrea1, Rubelyn K. Ilustrisimo2, Gaspar B. Batolbatol3,
Amelia M. Bonotan4
occ.gurrea.alma@gmail.com1, &
1Opol Community College, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
2Jagobiao National High School, Mandaue City, Cebu Province, Philippines
3Bantayan National High School, Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines
4Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, Philippines


The abrupt COVID-19 pandemic breakout shocked the world and forced educational systems to switch instantly to an online teaching-learning format (Dhawan, 2020). Many schools organized training webinars to capacitate their teachers for the online teaching-learning modality. With that, the authors planned, organized and conducted a series of training webinars titled “Making Math Fun and Engaging via the use of Modern Technology: Capacity Building for Math Teachers,” in April 2022, via Zoom platform, for the Math teachers to get updated with the knowledge and skills in using some online apps and make teaching Math online, more exciting and fun. The training was conceptualized following the ADDIE Model: Phase 1- Assessment of Teachers’ Real Training Needs. A survey was conducted on the teachers’ level of knowledge of apps to enhance Math teaching known as technology applications; Phase 2- Designing the Competency Framework for the training program; Phase 3- Developing the training plan; Phase 4- Implementing the teachers’ training; and Phase 5- Evaluating the gains in teachers’ knowledge and skills on the integration of technological apps in teaching Math. So, this study ascertained the impact of the said online training. It utilized a mixed quantitative and qualitative research methodology to assess the effect of using modern technology and used a researchers’ made research instrument. Findings revealed that the training is engaging and informative, which helped the teachers absorb the topics easily and develop a positive attitude toward using the digital application in teaching. Hence, the study recommends that school heads support and motivate the teachers to use modern technology and adopt new educational trends, for better student learning, through continuous professional development and mentoring.

Keywords: Modern Technology, Digital Applications, Capacity Building, Mathematics

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