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Managing School Operations and Resources in the New Normal and Performance of Public Schools in One School Division in the Philippines

Erma S. Valenzuela1, Lerma P. Buenvinida2
1Schools Division of Laguna, 2Laguna State Polytechnic University
Laguna, Philippines





All organizations require effective and efficient management. Being effective is evident if one is doing a certain task appropriately, while efficiency is observed if the task is done with accuracy. It is through management that the vision, mission, and goals of an organization are realized through the efforts of those people who walk in one direction to attain the desired goal. In this time of uncertainty where everything must stop, the competencies of the school leaders in management need to be strengthened to ensure better school performance. The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a link between school leaders’ abilities to manage school operations and resources and the performance of public schools in the Schools Division of Laguna. To evaluate the relationship between the independent and dependent variables, the descriptive-correlational study design was used, and employed statistical methods such as Pearson r, Chi-square, Spearman rho correlational analysis, and multiple linear regression were used. Findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between the level of management competencies of school heads and the school’s performance in terms of quality and efficiency. All the given competencies in managing school operations and resources, such as record management, financial management, school facilities and equipment, staff management, school safety for disaster preparedness, mitigation and resiliency, and management of emerging opportunities have a significant impact on the school’s quality and efficiency. Further, the management competencies of school heads in terms of management of staff singly and significantly predict the quality and efficiency of the school. Thus, it was recommended to conduct an annual Induction Program for all new school heads to provide them salient information about managing the school operations and resources; and give the school heads technical assistance through the conduct of training, workshop, coaching, and mentoring; include topics in records management and school facilities in the professional development programs of SDO Laguna and conduct other related research in the future.

Keywords: schools heads, competencies, performance, quality, and efficiency

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