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Math is Love: An Analysis on the Impact of the Proposed Enrichment Program to College Students in a Philippine University

John Robby O. Robiños, Ph.D(c) 1, Jonabelle B. Pondang2, Mary Grace B. Paterno3
Senior High School Department and College of Arts & Sciences and Education1,

College of Arts & Sciences and Education2,
Junior Business High School Department3
University of Perpetual Help Molino

Molino 3, Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines1,2,3





Increasing access to enrichment and extended learning programs is vital because this help deepens and engages students to gain the appropriate competencies and strong foundation for success. Students need extra support to be academically successful and whatever happens before and after school can be as significant as what transpires during the normal class discussion. This qualitative, descriptive study was conducted to analyze the impact of the mathematics enrichment program on college students’ self-efficacy and Math anxiety in a Philippine university. Data were obtained from pre-structured interviews of students who underwent varied activities such as talks and workshops, tutorials, peer mentoring, review classes, and other enhancement opportunities. Participants were chosen through purposive sampling and who established an extremely high anxiety level and very poor self-efficacy in dealing with math. Criteria were based on the result of the Mathematics Self – Efficacy and Anxiety Questionnaire. Thematic analysis was utilized resulting in emerged themes such as improvement to students’ self-efficacy and a reduction to their math anxiety which was validated by the new result of the MSEAQ and thru focus group discussion. The investigation also posited that student-participants recognized the significance of Mathematics which helped them to deeply appreciate its importance and meaning to their life. Based on these results, to increase LOVE for math: (a) Learners should Learn to trust themselves; (b) Opportunities for the enrichment and extended learning activities must be reinforced by the academic leaders; (c) Version 2.0 of the enrichment program must be projected and offered, and (d) Educational researches must be continuously steered.

Keywords – Mathematics, Self-efficacy, Math Anxiety, Impact, Enrichment Program, Philippines

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