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Motivation as Mediator between Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Performance of Senior High School Students in Distance Learning: Basis for Proposed Metacognitive Strategies

Vicente P. Trinidad National High School, Valenzuela, Philippines 1
Polytechnic University of the Philippines 2




This study focused on the association of self-regulated learning to the academic performance, and the mediating impact of motivation of ninety senior high school students in Valenzuela City during online classes. This is for the school administrators, teachers, parents and students to ensure all learning opportunities are available and work together to reduce unmotivated learners in online classes. This enables educators to provide metacognitive strategies, and identify approaches and strategies to enhance the self-regulated learning and motivation of students in distance learning. More so, this study utilized quantitative research design through the use of standardized questionnaires. The researchers adopted the instrument of Online Self-regulated Learning Questionnaire (OSLQ) by Lucy Barnard-Brak, Valerie Osland Paton and William Y. Lan. Another adopted standardized questionnaire is the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) developed by Paul Pintrich. The correlation analysis result showed that there is positive low correlation between self-regulated learning and academic performance of senior high school students in the aspect of goal setting, environment structuring, time management, and self-evaluation. More so, the Structural Equation Modeling result showed that total effect of self-regulated learning to the outcome which is the academic performance is significant. Likewise, motivation predicts academic performance and at the same time controlling the self-regulated learning which is indirect effect. However, in a direct effect, there is no significant impact whether self-regulated learning predicts motivation that in turn predicts academic success in an online class. This study supports the importance of self-regulated learning in the distance learning, yet there is a need for further research in specific subject areas during system of distance learning to practice self-regulated learning across varied academic subjects.

Keywords: self-regulated learning, motivation, metacognitive strategies, distance learning

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