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Motivational Factors and Instructional Competencies of Non-PE Majors: Its Effect on Students’ Behavior Performance

Jordan A. Legarte
Maligaya National High School
Atimonan, Quezon, Philippines





The study explored the motivational factors and instructional competencies of Non-PE majors among students and examined how it affects their behavior and performance. Descriptive survey method was utilized to 400 students from the selected schools in the Division of Quezon. Descriptive statistics were utilized to analyzed data in determining the motivational factors of the students as well as the instructional competencies of the Non-PE major teachers. Mean and Standard Deviation were used to show the perception of the respondents on the motivational factors, instructional competencies and students’ behavior and performance in Physical Education. To measure the academic performance of the students, the final rating in Physical Education subject were taken, respectively. The significant findings entailed that students’ perception on motivational factors was identified as highly motivated in terms of teaching style, teacher’s behavior and students’ psychological factor; based on respondents’ perception on Instructional Competencies, always as to mastery of the subject, teaching skills, management skills, and evaluation skills; likely in all aspects, physical, emotional and social behavior of students. More so, in terms of performance, half of the student-respondents are outstanding, others are very satisfactory, and satisfactory in terms of grades in PE. Thus, it was recommended to encourage the teachers to attend seminars to discover interesting and newer methods for a more creative and innovative teaching. School administrators may practice excellent service so that teachers become more motivated in doing their tasks. In addition, the school officials may conduct a more-in depth qualitative analysis by interviewing teachers and parents instead of focusing solely on the students’ input. Lastly, the study may be conducted in an urban area to ascertain how the data may be impacted by geographical location and include teachers as respondents.

Keywords: Motivational Factors, Instructional Competencies, Non-PE majors, Behavior, Performance

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