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Narrative Experience of Seasoned Teachers in Teaching Science Using Spiral Progression Curriculum

Nepthalie J. Gonzales
Bahay Pare National High School, Candaba, Pampanga





The study aimed to know the experiences of the seasoned teachers teaching science in Junior High School using the spiral progression approach. The study involved five seasoned science teachers of Bahay Pare National High School, Candaba, Pampanga, whose teaching experience is 10 years and above. It utilized the narrative case study design to describe the following: views of teachers in spiral progression approach, the practice of seasoned teachers using spiral progression approach, and the challenges and barriers experienced by them using a spiral progression. An in-depth interview was used with the individual participants with open-ended questions from guide questions that allowed further probing. The study found out that the majority of the specialized seasoned teachers were not appeased about the spiral progression approach in science. However, two teachers showed enthusiasm: General Science major and a non-science major. Seasoned teachers narrated their experiences under spiral progression they encountered such as unavailability of learning resources, scarcity of laboratory equipment, struggle in preparation their non-specialize topic, integration of Information and Communications Technology in their pedagogic practice and the intervention made by the administrator such as mentoring and coaching. It was recommended that a school administrator may provide the seasoned teachers with necessary training/seminars appropriate to them such as content and ICT, and procure necessary learning resources for science learning. Also, the administrator may understand the views of the seasoned teachers and provide appropriate stimulator to them, so that they can adapt the approach easily.

Keywords: Curriculum, K to 12 programs, qualitative method, a seasoned teacher, spiral progression

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