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Netflix Craze: Exploratory Research on the Uses and Gratifications of Netflix in Thai Society

Rayns Keneth Sabalboro Ampon1, Aisha Al-khulaifi2, Papitchayapa Boonsub3, Xiaoyuhui Yang4, Chutikarn Benjamapokai5, Sheng Liu6
Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand



Netflix, a video streaming application service has been one of the most useful websites for Thai people during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This phenomenon can be observed through the lens of marketing professionals to gain more consumer insights into the reasons of Thai audiences in consuming the application. Specifically, this research aims; 1) To explore important motivations that influence Thai people on their use of Netflix and; 2) To explain the uses and gratifications of Netflix in Thai society. Furthermore, this research utilized a qualitative approach through in-depth interviews with Thai Netflix consumers. Using the theoretical approach of Media Uses and Gratification Theory where cognitive, affective, and personal integrative motives can affect the media satisfaction level, the study found that Thai consumes Netflix because of 1) Language learning, 2) Emotional currency, and 3) Fear of Missing Out. This further concludes that Netflix offers a variety of shows where the audience can control their consumption based on their preference which satisfies them to use the platform more often. The value for money, accessibility of usage, and freedom that the website provides specifically with changing landscapes contribute to the reasons why Thai people use Netflix as their source of video information and entertainment.

Keywords: Marketing Communications, Uses and Gratification Theory, Netflix, COVID-19 Pandemic, Qualitative Method, In-depth Interview, Thailand

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