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New Normal Transition: Senior High School Teachers’ Percipience on its Ways and Challenges

Roberto L. Rodriguez Jr.
FEU Cavite, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines





The incursion of COVID-19 to various states has set forth the challenge for the educational institutions to transition to the New Normal teaching and learning scheme. In the scarce of the studies driven by the perception of Senior High School (SHS) teachers on its ways and challenges using learning management system (LMS), this qualitative study was conducted. Specifically, the study aimed to explore the strategies and methods of teachers using LMS in (a) facilitating and (b) assessing learning; and (c) to determine the perceived dilemmas of teachers in online learning in the New Normal. Respondents were purposively chosen and underwent semi-structured in-depth interviews by dint of video conferencing. Data were transcribed, coded, and thematically analyzed. Results revealed three themes on facilitating learning such as maximizing LMS features, employing adaptive tools, and utilizing class structures: and two themes on assessing learning, namely item-based and output-based assessments. Four emerging themes on SHS teachers’ perceived challenges were lumped as “EASE”: Establishing connection; Access to online learning demands; Stable wellness amidst the pandemic; and Ensuring quality learning experience. Findings revealed that despite this unprecedented transition, the use of LMS does not necessarily equate to an optimum edge in an online teaching and learning environment. Nevertheless, this paper describes how educators embody the commitment to quality education by concretizing adaptive and responsive measures to the demand of the New Normal setup.

Keywords: Canvas, online learning, virtual learning, phenomenological research, online interview

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