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On an Algorithm in Squaring Radix Numbers: Basis for A Learning Module Development

Ivy C. Ebora – Fronda, PhD.
Department of Education, San Agapito
National High School Isla Verde,
Batangas City, Philippines





Primarily, this study developed an algorithm in squaring radix numbers. The study is a pure research with expository as the approach. There are no statistical tools used in this study. Consultation with the experts, reading books and journals, internet resources and other reference materials were used in the conduct of the study. By using the previously accepted concepts in arithmetic and algebra, the researcher explored and was able to develop an algorithm in squaring radix numbers. The algorithm n 2 = (n+d0 )(n-d0 )+ d0 where n is the number d0 is the unit digit of n is developed. This can be used in squaring radix numbers.

Keywords: algorithm, learning module, radix numbers, squaring a number

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