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Online Class and Its Psychological Impact on Satisfaction of University Students in Bangladesh During Covid-19 Pandemic

Prodip Chandra Bishwas1,
Mubin Ul Hakim
Dr. Md. Shah Alam3
Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology
(BAUET)1,2 University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh3





This paper aims at presenting online class and its psychological impact relating to satisfaction on University students in Bangladesh during COVID-19 pandemic. A non-experimental survey was conducted using 5-point Likert Scale. Questionnaire was given to the students via internet and 382 students participated the survey. Linear regression analysis and one sample statistics analysis were performed to estimate the students’ satisfaction towards online class and its psychological impact on university students in Bangladesh via SPSS version 25. This study revealed some challenges of the students in their online classes due to COVID-19. Results found that that 59.68 percent students are dissatisfied with online classes because of poor internet connection and load-shading. The level of satisfaction from online classes among the students is low and the students do not think that they are getting proper education. Most of the students are suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety and therefore they may struggle for jobs in the future as the job market is getting shrunk due to COVID-19 pandemic. Henceforth, the findings of the study might be useful for the planners and policy makers who are thinking to attain quality online education in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Education, Online-Class, Satisfaction, Psychology, Linear Regression, Bangladesh.

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