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Online Learning Experiences and Satisfaction of Students on the Transition to Remote Learning

Regie F. Aguirre1, Adonis F. Cerbito*2, Daniel H. Gayod3
Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College1,2,3
#16 Tandang Sora Ave., Sangandaan, Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines1,2,3





Online education becomes a viable and stimulating method for instructional and service delivery by providing students with great flexibility in the current situation. Learning issues, personal issues, quality of learning, instructor, technology, and social interactions are the dimensions used for students’ online learning experiences and significantly affect students’ service satisfaction. This research study utilizes a descriptive correlational design to evaluate students’ online learning experiences and service satisfaction. Data were collected through online surveys utilizing Google form and were analyzed using multiple regression. Results revealed that quality of learning, technology, and learning issues strongly impact students’ customer satisfaction. Students are more concerned about the services they receive than the materials and facilities. Thus, assisting students directly impact student satisfaction. So, the schools may use technology and automation to address their concerns during online learning to meet students’ changing needs and quality learning, too.

Keywords: Remote Learning, Online Learning Experiences, Satisfaction, Technology, quality of Learning, learning issues

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