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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Application For Image To Braille Typeface Conversion

Mica Shaine T. Maghanoy1, Marjhuvyn B. Lapiras, LPT, MAST2, Brent Paul L. Macasilhig3, Najmain Kenneth N. Imbin4, Maurice Bon B. Namion5,,,,
micamaghanoy@gmail.com1, marjhuvyn.lapiras@gmail.com2, brentpaul7.mcbroom@gmail.com3, najmainkennethnimbin@gmail.com4, mauricebonnamion@gmail.com5
Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao
Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines



The Capstone Research entitled Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Application for Image To Braille Typeface Conversion is a type of quantitative research and the developers have focused on developing this application project that can convert text-containing images into a braille PDF document that is ready to print. The application is designed to benefit the educational environment for students with visual impairments by giving them access to a novel discovery for the processing of educational materials tailored to their specific needs. A total of 10 experts and 20 co-developers were invited to evaluate the application project according to its functionality, responsiveness, performance, and usability (user satisfaction). Data were gathered through Microsoft Forms and analyzed using one of the central tendencies, the mean score for each category. Results showed that Product Functionality has a mean score of 4.59, Product Responsiveness with 4.52 and Product Performance with 4.51 which all coincide with the mean description present in the interpretation table of Excellent. On the other hand, the Product Usability (User Satisfaction) has a mean score of 4.46, which coincides with the mean description of Good. After analyzing all categories, the overall mean score is 4.52 which has the corresponding description of Excellent. This means that the application project is highly acceptable, and thus, fulfilling the intended functions needed by the end users.

Keywords: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Braille, Typeface Conversion, Text Extraction, Applicati

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