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Organizational Culture and Customs Towards School Effectiveness as Practiced in Public Elementary Schools

Marilyn C. Gudoy1, Edilberto Z. Andal, Ed.D.2
1, 2,
1Candelaria Elementary School-Main,
Laguna State Polytechnic University
1-2San Pablo City Laguna, Philippines


This study aimed to determine the relationship between organizational culture, and customs toward school Effectiveness as practiced in public Elementary Schools. Specifically, it sought to answer the following areas: perception of organizational culture in terms of leadership, teamwork, and adaptability, perception of school custom practices that support school improvement, and perception of teachers on school effectiveness. Furthermore, the study investigated how the respondents assess if there is a significant relationship between Organizational Culture and School Effectiveness. This study used a descriptive research design following a correlation procedure to examine the relationship between organizational culture and customs toward school success as practiced in public elementary schools. In addition, random sampling was used to determine the respondents. Findings revealed that a significant correlation was assessed between organizational culture and school effectiveness. More so, the organizational culture and customs were correlated to the school’s effectiveness. Accordingly, sustained and further promotion of organizational culture and application of its practices is highly recommended to promote better school performance.

Keywords: organizational culture, customs, school effectiveness, adaptability, leadership

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