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Organizational Culture, Leadership Competency and Performance of Public Employment Service Office (Peso) in Calabarzon

Karl Joseph D. Sanmocte, DPA
Department of Labor and Employment
Lipa City, Batangas





Organizational culture and leadership competencies are rarely discussed topics in public organizations. However, by shifting the focus to these two, public organizations are given a leeway to arrive at a holistic view of their entity. CALABARZON PESOs, a public organization, had been encountering the same challenge of addressing unemployment and underemployment. Their performance, on a monthly basis, is fluctuating. This study then sought to improve and stabilize that by determining the relationship between organizational culture and leadership competencies, and the organizational performance of CALABARZON PESOs. This descriptive-correlational study was limited to institutionalized City PESOs and utilized survey questionnaire and focus-group discussion among 15 PESO managers and 100 PESO staff. Using independent t-test and multiple regression analysis, the researcher arrived at the following significant findings: that CALABARZON PESOs have a very strong organizational culture; that CALABARZON PESO managers have above average to excellent leadership competencies, and; that CALABARZON PESOs extraordinarily exceeded the performance standards and expectations. Furthermore, PESO managers and staff have a uniformed perception of their organizational culture and the leadership competency of their PESO managers. Also, there was a significant relationship, at 0.05 level of significance, between organizational culture and organizational performance in terms of efficiency. Among the former’s five sub-dimensions, it was only employee-participation that maintained a significant relationship. There was also a significant relationship, at 0.05 level of significance, between leadership competency, taken only as whole, and organizational performance. Considering the said results, this paper had come out with a supplemental manual for a value-added PESO.

Keywords: organizational culture, leadership competency, organizational performance, Public Employment Service Office (PESO), Philippines

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