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Outsourced Facility Management (OFM) Services to Creating Global Competitiveness

Dennis G. Nolasco, Ph.D., REB, CSP, CBP
Philippine Christian University
Manila, Philippines



In a time of increasing globalization and fierce competition in the market, being competitive has become essential for companies in a variety of sectors. Providers of Outsourced Facilities Management (OFM) services, which include everything from space management to security and maintenance, are essential in helping businesses streamline their operations and concentrate on their core business. The strategic value of outsourcing Facilities Management services is gaining more attention and adaption as the business landscape gets complicated and complex. This increased adoption of the OFM services creates opportunities thus resulting in the presence of both local and global players in this industry. Local outsourced facilities management service providers are encountering a progressively competitive market in today’s business scene. To assess and improve the competitiveness of local OFM service providers fighting to gain market shares against global industry giants, this study explores the idea of critical success factors (CSFs). CSFs stand for those critical areas in which a company must succeed to meet its objectives and beat out rivals. CSFs are essential for comprehending the unique factors that allow local OFM service providers to not only endure but also prosper in a complex network of markets. Additionally, local outsourced facilities management services providers must evaluate their abilities, performance, and competitiveness in comparison to well-established global facilities management leaders that are present in the country. By comparing with these industry giants, local suppliers can establish a baseline and initiate research to gain useful insights, direction, and positioning. This will help them improve their global competitiveness and survival at least at the local industry level. This study examines the rationale for comparing a local supplier against the industry’s critical success factors (CSF) with global companies and emphasizes the potential advantages gained from conducting such a comparison.

Keywords: competitiveness, outsourced facility management, property management, critical success factors, integrated facility management

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