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Para-Teachers for Enhanced Collaboration-Inspired Learning: A New Normal Intervention Program

Tibucag Integrated School
Dagohoy, Talaingod, Davao del Norte, Philippines



Project PENCIL or Para-teachers for Enhanced Collaboration-Inspired Learning is an innovation that made use of para-teachers, who are individuals who work closely with a qualified classroom teacher to give additional support to students. Para-teachers help the students answer the modules at home, especially the children whose parents have difficulties helping them. This study investigated the effect of employing para-teachers for the learning process of students enrolled in Modular Distance Learning (MDL). The experimental design was used in this study; 15 exploratory questions were used to assess the performance of 20 students from Rogelio P. Macadangdang Elementary School who have problems in MDL owing to their parents’ or guardians’ inability to help them in answering the modules. The study utilized mean, standard deviation, and T- test as statistical tools to compare and interpret the results of the pretest and the posttest. The results showed that the pupils’ performance in the MDL before Project PENCIL’s implementation is significantly different from their performance after its implementation. Students exhibited a very satisfactory performance after Project PENCIL implementation. Thus, its continued implementation is recommended not only in improving the pupils’ performance in MDL but also in other areas concerning students’ development and other important undertakings.

Keywords: Para-teachers, collaboration-inspired, new normal, intervention program

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