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Parallelism between Science Teaching Practices and Classroom Behavior among Grade 8 Students of Batangas National High School

Maria Christina P. Diomampo
Batangas National High School, Batangas City, Philippines





Teachers’ role is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in any content area. It expected that these educators would help shape the basic program into a valuable tool for reorganizing curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In this study, the researcher aimed to determine the relationship between teachers’ teaching practices and classroom behavior of Grade 8 students of BANAHIS with the end view of proposing creative teaching methods to facilitate positive behavior towards effective student learning in Science. The research design used was descriptive with a researcher-constructed questionnaire as primary data gathering instrument. Respondents were eight teachers and 108 Grade 8 students. Statistical tools used were frequency, percentage, weighted mean and t-test. Results revealed that majority of the teachers employed cooperative learning as foremost teaching practice. Results also revealed that as to students’ behavior and attitude to science learning, teachers cited evidence of enthusiasm and passion in what students learn while student-respondents said that tasks they were asked to perform have value. On acquisition and understanding, teachers revealed evidence of students understanding thoroughly and justifying accounts of phenomena, facts and data while students demonstrated at the end of the lesson the expected knowledge and skills, while on development of skills, applying science inquiry skills in addressing real-world problems through scientific investigations and that students apply science inquiry skills in addressing real-world problems through scientific investigations were evident. The researcher recommends refinement of the proposed creative teaching methods before implementation.

Keywords: Science teaching practices, classroom behavior, creative teaching, public secondary high school, Philippines

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