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Perception on the Proper Solid Waste Management among Navaleños

John Cavin M. Sabonsolin*1, Fatima Rose N. Seraspe2, Daisy S. Gabing3, Annel Ruth D. Celis4, Vina C. Jayubo5,,,,,
School of Arts and Sciences, Biliran Province State University, Philippines



One of the significant issues in developing nations like the Philippines is improper solid waste management. This study assessed the knowledge, attitude, and practices of the residents of the Municipality of Naval on solid waste management. As the Municipality of Naval aims to become a city, it is high time for the municipality to have proper, systematic, and scientific programs on solid waste management. So, to comprehend how the Navaleos view solid waste management, the researchers conducted this study. The researchers collected the data from the biggest barangay in the municipality using the standardized questionnaire of Trondillo et al. (2018). Using descriptive- correlational research design, the researchers analyzed the data collected using multivariate regression analysis. Results show that Navaleños are aware of the laws and regulations on solid waste management. However, there are negative responses to the awareness, practice & attitude toward solid waste management. Results also show that Navaleños rated the solid waste management programs of the government as neutral or slightly effective. With this, information campaigns, seminars, proper solid waste management plans, and incentives are recommended to intervene in this problem.

Keywords – solid waste management, Naval, Biliran, municipal waste, perception, KAP

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