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Personal and Professional Attributes, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Effectiveness of Industrial Education Leaders In Region I

Jonah Faye M. Buted /
Tarlac State University
San Vicente, Tarlac City, Philippines



This research investigates the dynamics between the attributes (both personal and professional), emotional intelligence, and the leadership effectiveness of leaders in industrial education at higher education institutions in Region I, using a descriptive-correlational approach. By employing standardized tools for data collection and a scoring system that mitigates bias through reverse coding and random distribution of items, the study aims to uncover correlations between various aspects of leadership in industrial education. Specifically, it evaluates the interrelations among leaders’ attributes, emotional intelligence, and perceived leadership effectiveness from the perspectives of both the leaders themselves and their faculty members. The analysis, leveraging statistical methods like frequency counts, percentages, and correlation coefficients, unveils that the majority of industrial education leaders and faculty members possess distinctive demographic and professional profiles. The findings indicate high levels of emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness among leaders but suggest that their personal or professional attributes do not significantly influence these aspects. Furthermore, faculty members’ perceptions of leadership effectiveness are significantly shaped by their academic rank and their institutions’ program accreditation status, whereas the impact of leaders’ emotional intelligence on their leadership effectiveness is not pronounced.

Keywords: industrial education, emotional intelligence, leadership effectiveness, descriptive-correlational, Philippines

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