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Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Samsung Data Systems Employees in Thailand towards International Logistics Risks: A Phenomenological Study

Jungseok Yeon1, Cliff Ransom Wendell B. Lilangan2
Samsung SDS Chonburi, Thailand1
Holy Angel University Pampanga, Philippines2





This paper intends to understand the view of Samsung Data Systems Thailand employees towards international logistics risks based on their personal working experience. Its methodology uses phenomenological approach to cluster logistics risks and subsequently analyzes these risks in the context of international logistics operations. Additionally, this paper includes mitigating strategies against these risks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The review of related literature identifies some research gaps, which consequently aided in the formulation of research questions. Qualitative method served as the nature of research and thematic analysis was then employed in order to generate the codes and determine the themes that emerged, extracted, and then evaluated out of the responses of the 15 purposely selected participants. Findings revealed that logistics delivery and open communication within Samsung SDS turned out to be the prevalent issues that were perceived. Mitigating measures and strategies were also suggested in connection in with the concluding results. Several recommendations were then forwarded to answer the pressing needs and issues that Samsung SDS in Thailand faced and continues to face as perceived by the employees.

Keywords: Samsung Data System, Logistics risks, Phenomenological study, Thailand

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