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Prevalence of Individuality and Conformity as Behavioral Traits among Generation Z

Arlette Jane M. Castillo1, Patricia Mae T. Gavilan2, Charlene A. Gida3, Jaezel B. Gonzalvo4, Kate Frances B. Labrador5, Amiel A. Abacan6
Batangas State University College of Teacher Education Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City, Philippines1,2





This study aimed to determine how individuality and conformity are prevalent in the behavioral traits of Generation Z. This study sought to determine the importance of social acceptance and assessed the behavioral traits of Generation Z relative to individuality and conformity. Further, the study used descriptiveanalytic research design and was conducted to the 278 students of the College of Teacher Education in Batangas State University which were selected using stratified random sampling. Questionnaire and interview were the main data gathering instrument used. The weighted mean and composite mean were used as statistical tools. The findings revealed that social acceptance has a great impact on the respondents as it helps them to improve their personalities and boost their self-esteem to express themselves. This study also revealed that most of Generation Z strongly agreed with the assessment on individuality while the respondents agreed with the assessment on conformity. Moreover, the study implies that both individuality and conformity were significant to Generation Z.

Keywords: Conformity, Generation Z, Individuality, Conformity

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