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Professional Behavior, Work Attitude and the Teaching Competence of Primary Education Teachers in the New Normal

Mildred H. Arce, Cecilia Q. Velasco, Ed.D., Lucilyn F. Luis, MAED,,,,
Candelaria Elementary School-Main, Division of Quezon, Laguna State Polytechnic
University, Faculty of College of Graduate Studies and Applied Research


This study sought to better understand the relationship between professional behavior and work attitude to the teaching competence of 127 primary education teachers of Candelaria West District, Division of Quezon, and its moderating factors in the New Normal. The use of descriptive-correlational research revealed that the majority of the respondents are female, 26 -30 years old, married, Bachelor’s degree holders, with either below 4 years or 11 to 20 years of experience, Teacher I, and from a large school. Findings indicate it was perceived that their professional behavior is very satisfactory in terms of adaptability, integrity, professionalism, and efficiency as well as in work attitude as to commitment, punctuality, and cooperation. In terms of teaching competence such as mastery of the subject matter, teaching skills, classroom management, evaluation skills, and personal skills, teachers are highly competent. Additionally, teaching competence is significantly interrelated to both the professional behavior and work attitude of teachers. Civil status, designation, and type of school do not affect teachers’ professional behavior, work attitudes, and teaching competence.

Keywords: professional behavior, work attitude, teaching competence

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