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Professional Learning Engagement of Secondary School Science Teachers Direction Toward Enhancement of Teaching Competencies

Dennis M. Dimaranan1, Elisa N. Chua2
Silangan Malicboy National High School, Department of Education, Division of Quezon1
Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus2





Professional learning is now recognized as a vital component of policies and most influential factor of teaching quality. Science teachers sustained professional learning experience to develop their professional knowledge and practice in order to progress the quality of teaching and their standards. To identify the influence of effective professional learning of secondary school science teachers, this study explored the connection between teachers’ exposure to different kinds of professional learning engagement and teaching competencies that have recognized that the quality of teaching was greatly influenced by the quality of training. Descriptive-correlational method of research was utilized and multiple regression analysis was employed to determine the influence of professional learning engagement related variables on the teaching competencies. For the purpose of data collection, a survey questionnaire was administered to the 89 Secondary School Science teachers from the Cluster III of the Division of Quezon, Philippines which comprises of four (4) municipal districts namely: Lucban District, Mauban District, Pagbilao District and Sampaloc District. Furthermore, the results revealed that the singly or in combination of professional learning engagement related variables including the types of professional learning and their level of acquisition have significantly predicted on teaching competencies.

Keywords: Professional Learning Engagement, Teaching Competencies, Science Teachers, Multiple regression analysis, Philippines

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