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Project E.N.T.A.B.L.A.D.O: A Basis for Promoting the Drug Abuse Prevention Advocacy And Practices

Julius P. Reyes
Natalia Velasquez Ramos Memorial Integrated School
Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines





People who abuse drugs can die or get addicted to them without realizing it. Temptation is hard to deny. People may think they are cool if they are into it but truth is, they are not. Instead, they can harm themselves. Using drugs is one of the huge problems in society. Meanwhile, schools are known as the center for the development of every learner and through education, prevention of this malady is expected with coordination with the community. This study then aimed to perform a counterbalancing act in molding a safe and well-informed decision making in a normative culture that can be used by all members of society, most especially the learners. In addition, it sought to promote a project that will showcase activities and trainings of Barkada Kontra Droga (BKD) in Natalia Velasquez Ramos Memorial Integrated School, District III-Alangilan in the Division of Batangas City, Batangas, Region IV-A CALABARZON which will contribute as model illustration to different schools to boost drug education, prevention and awareness and to sustain various services in the Barkadaadopted concepts by maximizing the drug abuse prevention advocacy given by the DepEd from various memorandum and orders. This research used the descriptive method of research with a researcher-made questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument and supplemented with an interview. Frequency, percentage, rank, and weighted mean were used as statistical tools in data analysis. Thirty selected junior and senior high school teachers served as the respondents of the study. Findings revealed that there were more activities needed to improve and to strengthen the awareness on drug addiction among learners and also increase community involvement to keep a fully drug-free atmosphere.

Keywords: drug awareness, drug prevention, drug education, national drug education program

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