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Project Tala (Technology-Based Activity and Learning Assistant): An Intervention to Maximize Performance of ICT Learners in Modular Distance Learning

Vrigin Kathleen D. Cupo
Lemery Senior High School, Batangas, Philippines


This study aimed to develop an intervention to maximize the performance of ICT 12-Shannon learners in Computer Programming during the first semester of S.Y. 2021-2022. The study involved 56 learners to gather data and utilized the descriptive research design. Based on the findings, learners experienced difficulties in Computer Programming specifically in one of the learning competencies during the second quarter which is Applying the basics of the java language. To address this problem, the researcher utilized chatbot technology and came up with Project TALA (Technology-based Activity and Learning Assistant) which provides interactive and immediate responses when prompted by learners and delivers the content of the learning activity sheet. It is an automated instructional material that can be accessed by learners through the messenger application. The learner should provide the lesson code to prompt TALA to deliver the lesson. There will be two options on how to go through the lesson; text/image format and video format. The content is based on the learning activity sheet for week six of the second quarter with the learning competency of applying the basics of the java language. TALA can also provide supplementary learning materials and additional examples of the lesson. Learners are expected to give their answers to the activity in real-time. After the implementation of Project TALA, it was revealed that there is an improvement in the performance of the learners as revealed by Pre-Test and Post-Test results. With this result, the researcher recommends TALA be replicated in other learning areas.

Keywords: intervention, technology-based, chatbot, interactive

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