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Project Werpa (Worksheets, E-Games, Remediation & Peer Assistance): Numeracy Skill Enhancement for Students of San Pascual Senior High School 2

John Dale E. Evangelio
San Pascual Senior High School 2
SDO- Batangas Province, Philippines



This study sought to ascertain the efficacy of Project WERPA in improving the student’s ability in select competencies in Mathematics. The least mastered competencies were determined by the test results made by the teacher-researcher. The descriptive research approach was employed in this study, with a questionnaire serving as the primary data collection instrument. According to the test results, most students struggle with the major topics in Mathematics such as rational, inverse, exponential, logarithmic functions, and logic. About the utilization of Project WERPA in the lessons, the respondents were very honest when they responded that the application of Project WERPA was very effective in stimulating their interests as well as very helpful in understanding the concepts in Mathematics. However, they were also very vocal when they responded that the school has no web-based learning environment and insufficient gadgets to cater to the needs of the students in the acquisition of Mathematics concepts using the unconventional method of the learning experience. The creation of a working website for Project WERPA will address the weak findings of the study. The included enrichment material and activity will consist of questions from the least mastered lessons to be answered by the students. Students will be more interested in participating in their Mathematics lesson if this digitally oriented material and activity are included because they will be employing technology- a type of innovation that today’s learners are good at controlling.

Keywords: Project WERPA, Numeracy Skills, Least Mastered Skills and Competencies

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