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Readiness of Public-School Teacher in Handling Inclusive Education

Dr. Michael E. Ecoben
City Central School, Division of Cagayan de Oro, Region 10
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines





State-funded teachers in the education department are recognized to be necessary in the implementation of inclusive education. They assume a fundamental job in the effective utilization of inclusive education as they are seen as critical during the time spent incorporating students with special needs into regular classes. Consequently, this study is intended to determine the preparedness of state-funded teachers in handling inclusive education. Specifically, this study was to determine the level of awareness and attitudes of public-school teachers towards the implementation of inclusive education. In particular, it sought to identify the demographic profile of the public-school teachers, their level of readiness in handling inclusive education in terms of awareness, attitude, and skills and the significant difference in the level of readiness of teachers towards inclusive education when grouped according to profile. The output of this study is the training program to enhance the awareness, attitudes, and skills of teachers towards inclusion. The study used a descriptive – quantitative method of research using both the quantitative and qualitative techniques of data collections. Frequency distribution, percentage, standard deviation, MANOVA, and descriptive statistics were used as statistical tools of this study. The critical discoveries of the investigation unveiled that state-funded teachers’ status in dealing with inclusive education is progressively mindful on the significance of inclusive education. In any case, they need training, classes, and workshops because few mainstream teachers are new to mainstreaming. They are agreeable on inclusive education. However, they need refreshed hands-on training. Moreover, they are skilled in their own personal capacity, but they lack further trainings specifically on the crafting of Individualized Education Plans. Therefore, there is a need to have a separate subject on disability and inclusive education in the teacher training courses.

Keywords: Inclusive Education, Awareness, Attitudes, Skills, Descriptive, Quantitative, Philippines, Asia

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